Please USE OUR LIVE CHAT Service IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER to have all of your questions answered.


Charger venues are spreading across the UK. To find the closest place to you, simply download our mobile application and allow the GEO map to use your location..

In the process of renting a Charger, the mobile application will ask you to register a Debit/Credit card to your account. This will be the card which is debited for any payments.

Each Charger power bank has 3 cables attached to it; Lightening, USB-C and Micro USB. So typically, any phone released after the iPhone 5 should be compatible with our power banks. The application is available to any phone with access to the IOS or Android store.

If your phone has already died, you won’t be able to take advantage of the rental process via the app and recharge your device. We’d always advise to rent a power bank while your device is still active.

You can rent a charger for a maximum of 16 hours before officially owning the device. We recommend only using the charger for the initial two-hour period – this should be enough time to get your smartphone back to 100%.

Our app payment system will deduct £3 from your account every 2 hours. This will continue for a maximum of 16 hours at which time you will be charged a total of £24 and will own the device outright. You can then keep reusing the device if you have a Micro-USB cable to charge it back up with.

If you accidentally break a power bank you must not attempt to return it to the docking station. You’ll need to get in touch with us using the live chat service available on our mobile app and website.

We don’t recommend using our service if the venue is about to close. This is simply because you’ll need to return the power bank before leaving. If the power bank isn’t returned, you’ll be charged the standard £2 every hour which is capped at £6 for the day. You have four days until the maximum £24 charge.